Welcome to GlobaliFusion

GlobaliFusion provides a number of revolutionary services that can boost the success of your Company.

This is based on our vast technological and commercial background.

The first step is to provide you with tools to listen to your Consumers. We have been able to gather and aggregate all public discusions in social media and online publications. We use them as valuable Consumer Insights.

Consumers Insights are translated into Strategies and eventually Actions. We assist you to be able to holistically address and answer your Consumer needs through tracking and measuring your marketing campaign, based also on our 3 Zones Activation practice.

Last, you can monitor your corporate performance through our exclusive tracking and measuring execution software.


Tools to come up with your Integrated Marketing Campaign are available such as:

  • in-House Shopper Marketing/ Advertising agency
  • Marketing/ Office Material store
  • Multimedia applications
  • Innovative Shopper Interaction Techniques
  • Social Media Campaigns design.

To assist you in accelerating your Organization's growth, a Business Plan tool is available.

Also, you will be able to build your own web site and sell on line your products and digital assets while you order online your marketing material and your office supplies.

GlobaliFusion is devoted to standing by you, listening to your Consumers through Social Media and answering their needs through Innovative and Holistic techniques while supporting your accelerating Company growth.

  • Provided services

    GlobaliFusion provides a bunch of revolutionary services that can boost the success of your company based on our state-of-the-art technological background.

    Beginning from aggregating insights from social media and other publications, continuing with professional advice on how to appropriately exploit this information, even organising campaigns and measuring them, down to the creation of online stores, GlobaliFusion can organize and promote your company in a unique and absolutely innovative fashion.


  • Winning approaches

    Companies have been moving far beyond traditional approaches to attract customers. Customer acquisition and customer loyalty can be significantly supported through the complete GlobaliFusion framework that is based on

    • listening to the customers needs through social media,
    • planning the company's strategy accordingly
    • accellerating the company's growth through state-of-the-art and beyond technologies.


  • Team of experts

    GlobaliFusion comprises a totally dedicated team of Marketing experts with more than 20 years of experience in multinational companies and IT professionals with large industrial and academic background.

    This combination guarantees for the most remarkable marketing results, either you are a large enterprise, an SME, or even a person / entrepreneur aiming to optimize your image.