GlobaliFusion uses cutting-edge technology for identifying, aggregating and delivering Consumer Insights from Social Media and publications.

End in mind is to respond to Corporate requirements in a holistic and ROI positive way.

Sophisticated, new generation Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is a rather recent sub-discipline at the crossroads of information retrieval and computational linguistics. Sentiment analysis is concerned not with the topic a text is about, but with the opinion it expresses. Sentiment analysis is based on the categorization of adverbs and adjectives in phrases, with the use of a lexical resource that assigns sentiment scores to English words.

Moreover, in order to extract sentiment from text in various languages, we use machine translation technology, to translate all text in English before extracting sentiment.

Consumer insights are based on sentiment analysis of collected interactions.

User friendly, state-of-the-art data visualization

The GlobaliFusion team experts have been constantly trying to upgrade and improve the already innovative content delivery APIs for all our products.Statistical analysis of various entities, such as consumer insights are depicted in various kinds of diagrams. Moreover geolocation visualization of collected interactions is required. In the end, companies are suggested numerous marketing strategies based on the consumer insights analysis.

For further suggestions and/or customization requirements, please contact us.

Big data aggregation and analysis

Social Media interactions have become Big Data.

Twitter averages more than half a billion tweets per day and is therefore quickly becoming the world’s go-to source for getting to know what is happening right now. Data mining tweets can reveal culture and trends to politics and real-time news, since Twitter is an important part of how people express themselves about current events. Datafication is a technological trend turning many aspects of individual’s lives into computerized data and transforming this information into new forms of value.

Facebook datafied relationships, they always existed and constituted information, but they were never formally defined as data until Facebook’s ‘social graph.’ Twitter enabled the datafication of sentiment by creating an easy way for people to record and share their stray thoughts, which had previously been lost to the winds of time.

Last, LinkedIn datafied our long-past professional experiences turning that information into predictions about our present and future: whom we may know, or a job we may want.

GlobaliFusion uses services for collecting interactions from various sources (social media, blogs, news pages etc) and provides a unified way for storing and presenting this information.