Frequenty Asked Questions

Based on GiF’s interactions with users, you may find below a list of indicative common questions. Do not hesitate to contact us for more questions.

The GlobaliFusion (GiF) platform: what is it all about?

The GlobaliFusion (GiF) platform is the world’s most complete platform for:

  1. listening to the customers’ needs and opinions through social media and online publications, aggregating this big data and using sentiment analysis techniques to provide valuable customer insights to companies and/or individual entrepreneurs;
  2. proposing novel structured design approaches for the company's marketing strategies and actions based on customer needs through an online shopper marketing/ marketing store-agency;
  3. accelerating the company's growth through state-of-the-art technologies and online stores that offer office material, multimedia solutions and selling online products and digital assets.

How does GiF work and what can I do with it?

GiF is a multi-operational platform, which though works in simple steps:

  1. Get insights from user-selected social media and the internet for a number of desired keywords
  2. View the interactions received either in the form of raw data or using full statistics ( Sentiment analysis,  Location analysis , Gender analysis,  Analysis per source of interactions,  Historical data by yahoo) 
  3. Transform insights to business strategies (for corporate users)
  4. Transform business strategies to actions (for corporate users)
  5. Create a marketing campaign, monitor its performance and make your company famous
  6. Benefit from a set of tools to help your company grow
    1. Create a state-of-the art business plan online
    2. Create your own web site / e-shop
    3. Use our exclusive digital assets store to sell your digital assets (videos, images, etc.) online, addressing millions of users
    4. Order multimedia solutions for your company
    5. Order office material for your company
    6. Order marketing material for your company
    7. Use our platform for designing training services for your staff or use our online and in-house training modules With GiF's "reinventing marketing" approach, all above can be performed in an automated manner!

Who does GiF address?

GiF aims at bringing together individual entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes with their consumers/customers, by aggregating insights from Social Media and online publications, so as to accelerate their growth and/or adapt their public image/behavior, applying technologically innovative and efficient marketing practices.

So, GiF addresses: 

  1. Corporate customers that attempt to help their companies grow through social media and internet monitoring, analyzing and exploiting insights
  2. Individual customers, from teenagers to politicians that want to improve their public image. Either you are a Millennial, a politician, a show biz person, or a large company with multinational character, GiF can help you.

Are there different account options?

GiF offers 3 different account options, depending on your personal or corporate needs, namely Basic, Premium and Gold. Moreover, a pay as you go model has been adopted to eliminate overheads. Charging is based on the number of interactions received and thus the data volume passing through the GiF platform.

Take a look at our pricing options per product for more information or contact us for any further questions.

How does the GiF sentiment analysis work?

The sentiment of each interaction that GiF finds is automatically determined by the GiF sophisticated, new generation sentiment analysis algorithms. For more details on how we currently approach automatic sentiment analysis, you can read our documentation on it.

How often is the GiF technology upgraded?

The technology that GiF uses is currently state-of-the-art. However, our dedicated team of IT and marketing experts work continuously to update the services we offer: new functions and updates are added roughly every 2 weeks.

Moreover, if you have any suggestion or individualized need for your company, please contact us.

Which social media does the GiF platform cover?

GiF covers all major social networking sites worldwide, such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Tumblr, Boards, YouTube, Dailymotion, reddit, topix, etc. This list is further extended regurarly.

How many sites does GiF cover?

We crawl millions of sources/feeds from blogs, forums, news, social networks, reviews and other sites. We cooperate with Yahoo for bringing you the latest data worldwide. Moreover, you can choose the time period that you wish your search to be applied in (e.g. last 2 days)

If we’re missing a site you want to crawl, we can add it within minutes. It’s an automated process – you just give us the URL and we will add it to the system. Customers can upload lists of sites to cover too.

What kind of content does the GiF platform index?

We index text content from across the web including public blogs, forum posts, news articles, tweets and posts on social networks. We employ our customized algorithms to clean duplicate information, as well as extract the most “sentiment-full” information, so as to be valuable for you. We also index images and videos using their titles and descriptions.

What languages does GiF cover?

We are worldwide the most language-inclusive platform. Either you want to benefit from the insights at the local language (raw data), or you want to translate them in English and analyze them using our sophisticated algorithms, we can do it.

We fully support the following languages for extracting insights: Afrikaans · Arabic · Bulgarian · Chinese · Czech · Danish · Dutch · English · Estonian · Finnish · French · German · Greek · Hebrew · Hungarian · Icelandic · Italian · Japanese · Korean · Latin · Lithuanian · Latvian · Norwegian · Polish · Portuguese · Romanian · Russian · Spanish · Swedish · Tagalog · Turkish

Which countries does GiF cover?

GiF is not limited by country – GiF will pick up any mention for a particular language, regardless of its location. However, you may choose the location from which you want to pick up data, through applying a fully customizable location filter through a world map.

Can GiF provide historical data?

When you create a new stream in the GiF “Get Consumer Insights” product, you can choose to pick up historical data by yahoo (applying the desired time filter) or to pick up a certain number of interactions (e.g. 5000), whichever comes first.

We can also go back further to retrieve up to 3 years of data, but charges for this may apply depending on your subscription. We also offer historical Twitter data at additional cost. We then store your streams to our servers forever.

Does GiF provide consulting services?

Certainly. GiF can provide consulting services with the help of our dedicated staff at a worldwide level to companies of any size. Please contact us for more details.

How do I get access to GiF?

Please fill in the Contact Form to request a personal one-on-one demo, or contact us, and a member of our team will be happy to get you set up. Of course, you can also never come to contact us and do it all yourself. Our platform is completely automated and absolutely user friendly.

What is a stream and what is an interaction?

For extracting consumer insights, you have to create a new stream. Streams are used for collecting social media interactions. You must select at least one data source (Twitter, facebook, etc),  input the words to be matched and define the number of required interactions. An interaction may be a tweet, a facebook post, or any other type of user content depending on the selected data sources.