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Consumer insights overview

GlobaliFusion offers a revolutionary manner of approaching your consumers. Exploiting our state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated algorithms, you can perform a search inside all (or custom-selected) social media and online publications and find out what your consumers / shoppers think about your products or what the public thinks on a specific product/trend, so as to plan your future activities.

Consumer insights details

With this product, you can:

  • select brand names/product names/other keywords to search for
  • select which source(s) you want to target
  • narrow down your search on a geographical basis, if needed
  • get the results (insights) in the form of raw data
  • get the results (insights) sorted by frequency of appearance
  • view extremely useful statistics for improving your company's marketing strategies
  • have the possibility to sort the insights by order of importance (e.g. number of followers)
  • have the possibility to view insights per social medium, gender, location, etc.
  • get visualized information on positive vs negative opinions and their importance
  • identify the most efficient media for promoting your products
  • accordingly improve your company's positioning in the market


Consumer insights pricing

All GlobaliFusion products are available on a “pay-as-you-go” model, for minimizing cost overheads for both, corporate and personal use.

Moreover, we have packages to suit all levels of users. We also have specially designed packages for marketing companies / agencies. For more information contact us.

Please choose the package that is more suitable for you, from the ones below, or contact us to sketch together a totally individualized pricing package for your company’s needs.

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