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GiF gives you the possibility to buy online all kinds of marketing relevant products. 3 Zone Activation

Your approach to Interact with your Consumers becomes live through our '3 Zones Activation" Integrated Marketing Approach. An approach that is supported by our online Advertising and Marketing agency.
What does "3 Zones Activation" mean in Marketing terms? And Why?
Our aim is to assist you interacting with your Consumers and Shoppers with the most effective and efficient way. This is why we consider your Campaign as an Integrated one that should interact with your target groups in Zone 1(whatever takes place before the point of purchase), Zone 2 (interaction with-in the point of purchase ex. store) and Zone 3 (interaction in front of the primary point of purchase ex. shelf).
We have employed several innovative techniques to interact with your Consumers and Shoppers throughout all zones...And to do so in the best way possible we are offering you the latest technology available to explore the exciting Digital and Social Media world....
To create a successful and cost effective targeted Integrated Marketing Campaign, we consider all the Social Media and Publications Consumer insights as our journey's starting point.