Track and Measure Campaign

Campaign tracking overview

It is very important for a company not only to define appropriate marketing strategies and actions, but also to be able to monitor their campaign and evaluate the actions taken. GlobaliFusion helps you track and measure your Above and Below the Line Campaigns through Social Media Listening and Publications/ Prints Acknowledgment. Your company will be enabled to merge your Quantitative Measurements (ROI, Shares and Sales Performance) with the Qualitative Insights (Social Media, Publications) Around The Globe that GiF may provide you.

Campaign tracking details

With this product, you can:

  • have access to an executive summary table of your insights, strategies and actions for your product(s)
  • define timeframes for monitoring your campaigns
  • measure ROI, shares and sales performance
  • download the GlobaliFusion "track and measure campaign" table (pdf)


Campaign tracking pricing

All GlobaliFusion products are available on a “pay-as-you-go” model, for minimizing cost overheads for both, corporate and personal use.

Moreover, we have packages to suit all levels of users. We also have specially designed packages for marketing companies / agencies. For more information contact us.

Please choose the package that is more suitable for you, from the ones below, or contact us to sketch together a totally individualized pricing package for your company’s needs.

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