Digital Assets Store Builder

The GiF Digital Assets Store builder is an exclusive platform for selling digital assets such as video and audio clips, photos/images/icons and e-books. You can create a new studio in a matter of minutes and start selling assets online. Millions of users worldwide will have access to your creations.


Are you a director? A potential director? Or just a famous wannabe? 

You can become an online entrepreneur in simple steps:

  1. Create your own productions (video clips, photos, sound files, other demos)
  2. Upload them in the state-of-the-art GiF platform
  3. Start selling your creations
  4. Promote your studio.



Coming October 2014!


Do you want to download videos/e-books/sound clips/images?

The GiF Digital Assets Store is the place to be.

You can have instant access to innumerable studios with all kinds of digital assets available for you. Just browse through the products or search for everything you search for!


Coming October 2014!