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Consumer insights overview

GlobaliFusion gives you the possibility to get to know in zero time, what others think and say about you on inside social media and online publications.

No matter if you are a public figure, a politician, a show business person, an entrepreneur or just a teenager, GlobaliFusion is here for you!


Consumer insights details

With this product you can:

  • search for one or more keywords inside all or selected social media;
  • narrow down your search geographically;
  • search in multiple languages for insights;
  • search over the internet for publications;
  • get raw data from thousands of interactions;
  • separate positive from negative opinions using our sophisticated sentiment analysis algorithms;
  • obtain statistics form the interactions (per gender, location, frequency of appearance, etc.)
Consumer insights pricing

All GlobaliFusion products are available on a “pay-as-you-go” model, for minimizing cost overheads for both, corporate and personal use.

Moreover, we have packages to suit all levels of users. We also have specially designed packages for marketing companies / agencies. For more information contact us.

Please choose the package that is more suitable for you, from the ones below, or contact us to sketch together a totally individualized pricing package for your company’s needs.

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